A unique land,
which must be respected.

For the cultivation of our estates we have always been based on principles of responsibility and environmental protection. This is why we are committed to ensuring that the entire process that contributes to the production of our wine is sustainable. In respect, season after season, of the lands we love and future generations.

  • Precision viticulture is a new project of ours. A geolocation system in the vineyard allows us to know the exact situation of the plants, their growth and health during inspections, and to make the data available in real time to intervene exactly where it is needed. In addition, the weather stations on the estates are networked to provide information that can be consulted and managed immediately. With all the data collected, we can create high-resolution maps, and based on these, we can dedicate the exact, accurate and sustainable interventions to each row and each plant, to obtain a very high and constant quality of the grapes.

  • Sardinia has an incredible number of traditional grape varieties. It is a precious heritage that we have been helping to preserve and protect for years, with a challenging and complex project. We started by searching the whole island for specimens of 11 varieties. We then planted 5,000 trees to select the best specimens of each variety. Then, starting with the grapes of the selected specimens, we carried out small trial vinifications to discover all their characteristics and to be able to propagate them in the future.

  • For about twenty years we have been using integrated agriculture for the conservation and safety of the environment. In this way we reduce the use of pesticides, fertilisers and herbicides to a minimum, maintain soil fertility through crop rotation, make rational use of water resources, and respect the land to prevent erosion. We use biological techniques to fight pests, and to preserve the environment and biodiversity we introduce beneficial insects and enrich the soil with beneficial microorganisms.

  • Respecting the environment and cultivating responsibly also means preserving the landscape, caring for an area and keeping it alive and healthy. This is why we have been using the Simonit & Sirch pruning technique for the last 10 years. This technique respects the vines by making minimally invasive cuts and only on young wood, which helps the vines to live longer.

  • We produce our wines following a Self-Checking Manual (HACCP) so we can reduce to the minimum the hygienic-health risks related to the processing and we to ensure that our products are safe for consumers. The winery obtained Quality Management System Certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001:2004 and the production of our wines is controlled by our laboratory in every step, to always guarantee the highest quality.